Client News: TGI-Spacers support energy efficiency, minimal maintenance of IGUs featuring ScreenLine integrated blind systems

Posted on April 17th, 2017 by Heather West

TGI-Spacer_ScreenLine_M3web.jpgTechnoform Glass Insulation developed a customized, warm edge TGI®-Spacer system for ScreenLine® integrated blind systems by Intigral. The ScreenLine blind moves within a completely sealed environment, protected from dust, dirt and weather conditions, without affecting the hermetic properties of the insulating glass unit (IGU).

Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, ScreenLine products are compatible with all types of framing systems including aluminum curtain walls, windows and doors. Venetian, pleated or roller models are offered in 31 colors and with six controls. Every slat, fabric and color in the ScreenLine products was selected for incorporation within the IGUs to ensure the highest level of visual and thermal comfort.
“Through our customized solutions program, we were able to meet their performance and aesthetic requirements. We sized our warm edge spacers to fit their products and created them in matching colors that blend with their systems’ blinds and framing,” said Brian Stephens, TGI market team member.

TGI’s portfolio of hybrid spacer systems incorporate a high-performance polymer and low-conductivity stainless steel to maximize protection against gas leakage and moisture penetration, and minimize heat transfer at the edge of glass. Stephens added, “Ultimately, this improves comfort for the occupants within the buildings and homes that use TGI-Spacers and ScreenLine products, and helps the owners save energy and reduce associated costs and CO2 emissions.”

TGI-Spacer_ScreenLine_M1web.jpgThermal calculations show that by using TGI-Spacer in the ScreenLine system, U-Factor values are improved by 12 percent and interior surface temperatures increase by 14 degrees Fahrenheit over standard aluminum spacers. TGI Spacer’s hybrid design creates the perfect combination of thermal performance, structural integrity and clean aesthetics that integrate perfectly into the ScreenLine system. Beyond energy-efficiency, TGI-Spacer systems also can contribute to building teams’ wellness and sustainable project goals, such as the daylighting and material health ingredient criteria detailed in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED v4. Demonstrating its commitment to these practices, TGI-Spacer M was awarded a Platinum Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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A member of Technoform Group, Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) is the world leader in thermal optimized, hybrid plastic spacers for insulating glass products, including TGI®-Spacer and TGI®-Muntin products. The company innovates, develops and manufactures durable, thermal-improved edge bond solutions and special components for its customers and markets. Its manufacturing facilities are in Kassel, Germany; Milan, Italy; and Twinsburg, Ohio.


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