Canadian Topics to Take Stage During 2024 FGIA Summer Conference, June 3-6

Posted on May 15th, 2024

FGIA_Summer24_Montreal.jpgSchaumburg, Illinois – Several Canadian topics will be offered throughout the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) 2024 Summer Conference, June 3-6, in Montréal, Quebec. Participants will receive a firsthand look at what to expect in the realm of plastic regulations throughout Canada as well as the latest code and regulatory developments from an official within the Canadian government. Two French language sessions from Association de vitrerie et de fenestration du Québec (AVFQ) are also featured on the conference schedule. Register now for the FGIA 2024 Summer Conference in-person event or for the virtual experience.

“FGIA is thrilled to have an official from the Canadian government speak about energy initiatives and an industry expert address plastics regulations at this conference, giving participants a rare opportunity to ask their most pressing questions in person and get the answers they need,” said Amy Roberts, FGIA Director of Canadian and Technical Glass Operations. “We are also serving our local members by hosting two sessions in French, thanks to our exclusive partnership with AVFQ.”

Plastics Regulations in Canada
FGIA_Summer24_PeterMirtchev-CIAC.jpgOn Tuesday, Dr. Peter Mirtchev (Chemistry Industry Association of Canada) will present a session called, “Plastics Regulations in Canada – What’s on the Horizon?” This session will discuss the proposed Canadian Federal Plastics Registry and the latest status of court action on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act’s original action to classify plastics as a toxic waste. The session will also cover Canadian regulations related to chemical use like restrictions on PFAS. Participants will learn about federal regulations that may impact the building and construction sector, as well as recycled content minimums for packaging. Mirtchev will also discuss the Federal Plastics Registry considerations for finished construction products, such as windows, doors, skylights and their components.

Regulatory and Legislative Updates with Natural Resources Canada
FGIA_Summer24_AdamBuist-NRC.jpgDuring the Regulatory and Legislative report on U.S. and Canadian news and updates, which FGIA hosts at each conference, special guest speaker Adam Buist will share insights on future Canadian federal fenestration efficiency initiatives and policies. Buist is a Standards Engineer with Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency. He has contributed to projects in energy efficiency equipment research, renewable energy technology demonstrations and prototype field trial demonstrations for clients within the Canadian government.

AVFQ-sponsored French Language Sessions
In partnership with AVFQ, FGIA will offer two French language sessions at the FGIA Summer Conference for the first time. The first will cover compliance and alternative solutions in accordance with the Quebec Construction Code, Chapter l.1. A second session will address sealed units and applicable loads, covering calculation tools for units and railings.

In-person Registration
FGIA members can take advantage of member pricing for registration at the cost of $1,575. Non-members may register for $1,680. All fees include 5 percent Goods and Sales Tax (GST).

Virtual Registration
Individual virtual registration for FGIA members will be available at the price of $472.50. FGIA member companies may register 3-10 participants for a cost of $1,260. Non-member individuals may register for $1,680. All fees include 5 percent GST.

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