Client News: EXTECH's SKYGARD 3700 skylight spans large openings, including for industrial applications

Posted on September 16th, 2021 by Heather West

EXTECH_SKYGARD3700_Overall2.jpgPittsburgh (Sept. 2021) – Engineered to be self-supporting and to span large openings, the SKYGARD 3700® skylight system from EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. (EXTECH) is well suited to both new construction and renovation applications in industrial buildings.

Adapting to many configurations, SKYGARD 3700 skylights can be specified for single slope, ridge types (A-frame), pyramid type, ridges with hipped edges and even vertical walls. Customized designs also are available.

EXTECH_SKYGARD3700_DetailScene2.jpgCreated for cellular polycarbonate glazing (CPG) panels, the SKYGARD 3700 skylight's extruded aluminum framing system also accepts up to 1-inch-thick glass infill. When CPG panels are used, the system meets demanding performance specifications for high wind and snow loads, impact resistance, fire rating, air infiltration, thermal (0.25 U-Factor) and structural performance. The skylight's deep glazing pockets, low-friction gaskets and controlled gasket pressure accommodate the thermal movement of polycarbonate.

The SKYGARD 3700's proprietary, stainless steel pin mounting system ensures a simple, accurate connection of horizontal to vertical framing. Overlapping joinery allows for dimensional variations and provides industry-leading water and air infiltration resistance. Its pressure-equalized design supports water penetration resistance, and integral gutters manage leakage and condensation concerns.

EXTECH_SKYGARD3700_InstallOverall1.jpgSupporting energy-efficient performance, the SKYGARD 3700 skylight's extruded aluminum framing is thermally improved to help maintain comfortable interior temperatures for occupants, and to contribute to reduced HVAC loads for building owners. The framing system uses 38.95% recycled aluminum as standard and may be specified in a broad choice of finish types and colors. After its useful life as part of a skylight, the metal is 100% recyclable.

EXTECH engineers and manufactures all of its daylighting products at its facility in Pittsburgh to ensure performance as specified.

To order a sample and learn about EXTECH's SKYGARD 3700, please visit the product webpage.

EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.'s mission is to improve lives through innovation in daylighting systems, natural ventilation and other unique building envelope systems. Redefining the intersection between the natural and built environments, EXTECH manufactures and designs wall, window, skylight, canopy and custom façade systems.

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