Association News: New FEN-BC and FGIA collaboration agreement to allow for partnership between two organizations

Posted on March 2nd, 2021

FEN-BC and FGIA stacked logos - cropped.jpgSchaumburg, Illinois – An official agreement for collaboration between the Fenestration Association of British Columbia (FEN-BC) and the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) was finalized on Feb. 9, 2021, developing mutual synergies that will allow both organizations to best support their respective members. The collaboration enhances the reach and visibility of both organizations while ensuring efficiencies in monitoring codes and regulatory affairs in Canada.

"FEN-BC looks forward to this new partnership," said Zana Gordon, executive director of FEN-BC. "Our organization shares many goals with FGIA, and together, the two can benefit and better serve both memberships through collaboration in several key areas of the industry."

In order to recognize the work of FEN-BC and FGIA and to support the publication and dissemination of the respective organizations' products, the associations have agreed to collaborate in the following primary areas:
* Events
* Education
* Advocacy
* Technical standards
* Product certification
* Research

"FEN-BC is an authority on fenestration and glass activities in British Columbia, so having discounted access to those association events is of great value to FGIA members doing business in that province," said Janice Yglesias, FGIA's executive director. "Offering reduced fees for FGIA conferences and education programs to unique members of these collaborating partner organizations may incentivize participation, creating a larger network of industry professionals and broader distribution of our organization's technical work."

"The initial primary focus of our collaboration is making FGIA's IG Fabricators Workshop accessible to FEN-BC members," Gordon said, "but there is a considerable library of FGIA online education courses available as well which could be of great value to our members."

The partnership also strengthens both organizations' collective ability to influence Canadian code and regulatory decisions to affect positive outcomes for members and the industry.

"Provincial associations are already tracking provincial developments closely so it would be duplicative for FGIA to invest resources in tracking this same information," said Yglesias. "Instead, a more efficient approach is to share information with FGIA providing national Canadian developments to the provincial organizations in exchange for the provincial reports."

* About FEN-BC *
FEN-BC supports those involved in the fenestration industry, including manufacturers and installers of fenestration products that encompass the entire range of glass and related framing systems used in building construction: windows, doors, skylights, window walls, curtain walls and storefronts. In addition, FEN-BC's membership includes commercial glazing contractors, component suppliers, door prehangers, service providers, window and door fabricators, architectural and engineering professionals, and other interested parties.
More information about FEN-BC and its activities can be found at

* About FGIA *
FGIA is dedicated to improving home and building performance through better glass, window, door and skylight technology and standards. It is an inclusive community leading the glass and fenestration industry through research, consensus-based standards, product certification, advocacy and education and professional development.
More information about FGIA and its activities can be found at


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