Client News: Sustainable, resilient RHEINZINK-GRANUM zinc wall panels clad SMC3's new headquarters in Georgia

Posted on May 17th, 2022 by Heather West

SMC³'s new 80,000-square-foot headquarters in Peachtree, Georgia, features an exterior clad with RHEINZINK-GRANUM® Skygrey architectural zinc. Designed by Jefferson Architecture, the sustainable, resilient, natural metal and its evolving patina reflect the company's enduring, innovative and dynamic culture. The project showcases one of the first examples in the U.S. with RHEINZINK-GRANUM material.

Space to grow
4RHEINZINK_GA-SMC3-Dusk2_JeffersonArchitecture_web.jpgOriginally known as the Southern Motor Carriers Association, SMC³ continues to build on more than 85 years of experience. The "3" in SMC³ stands for data, technology and education. Today, the company delivers technological solutions helping customers accurately manage day-to-day transportation needs, support longer term strategic initiatives and optimize the less-than-truckload (LTL) portions of their supply chains.

Continuing to support its customers as they grow, SMC³ also has grown from 100 to more than 150 employees in five years. It not only needed more space, but also needed the right type of spaces to foster the collaboration and creativity necessary for its business. In April 2022, the company completed its move into the new headquarters, located approximately 35 miles southwest of Atlanta.

Evolving aesthetic, enduring performance
2RHEINZINK_GA-SMC3-Day1_JeffersonArchitecture_web.jpgFor SMC³'s office exterior wall cladding, Abrams Architectural Products fabricated and installed 6,400 square feet of flat-lock tiles using RHEINZINK-GRANUM Skygrey, provided by Sheet Metal Supply. The matte-finished , architectural-grade zinc provides an immediate, distinctive light-gray finish. Over time, the dynamic qualities of the finish and the zinc alloy naturally patinate.

RHEINZINK-GRANUM Skygrey delivers a weather-resistant, self-healing, corrosion-resistant, noncombustible material with a potential lifespan of 100 years. At the end of its useful life on the buildings, the metal remains 100% recyclable.

Zinc's inherent metallic properties allow the material to deliver low-maintenance and long-lasting performance. No paint, varnish, or sealants are required. Runoff is minimal, non-staining, and does not adversely affect the environment as the zinc material's patina naturally forms. The ever-changing, unique coloration and character will continue to evolve throughout the decades.

For centuries, European buildings have relied on architectural zinc materials. Founded in 1966 in Germany, RHEINZINK is one of the world's leading producers of architectural-grade zinc. In the early 1990s, RHEINZINK-CLASSIC® bright zinc, and RHEINZINK-prePATINA® blue-gray and graphite-gray zinc debuted in the U.S. and Canada. In 2020, it expanded the product offering to include RHEINZINK-GRANUM in a dark-gray Basalte and lighter Skygrey.

Natural appeal
3RHEINZINK_GA-SMC3-Dusk1_JeffersonArchitecture_web.jpgPrior to approving SMC³'s conceptual site plan, the Peachtree City Planning Commissioners commented favorably on the "look" that the three-story building brings to Peachtree's Lexington Circle neighborhood. In addition to the zinc exterior wall panels, SMC³'s curved façade showcases natural materials and earth-tone palette of copper, slate, woodgrain, complementing stacked Tennessee field stone pillars and large glass expanses.

The biophilic design continues inside with masonry, metal, wood and skylights. Enhancing productivity and comfort, the space incorporates acoustical metal decks to improve sound absorption and extensive natural lighting shaded with "smart" electronically tinting glass.

"Every project design is focused on understanding our client needs," said Jefferson Architecture's founder, CEO and president, J.L. "Jefferson" Brown, AIA, ALA, LEED AP BD+C, CPBD, NCBDC, Cal OES R.A. "The leadership at SMC³ wanted the building to be a transformative and inspirational settings to enhance creativity, clarity of thought and innovation to deliver SMC³ʼs mission as the transportation industry standard for intelligent data, technology and education solutions."

Evidence-based, purpose-built
1RHEINZINK_GA-SMC3-Drone_JeffersonArchitecture_web.jpg"Evidence-based design principles guide the process," Brown explained. "Designed with connections with nature, movement and momentum, health and wellness, and the concept of 'Truth of Materials' that demonstrate the values of honesty and integrity, with structural elements emphasizing nature in the built and the natural environments."

According to general contractor, South-Tree Enterprises, "For SMC³, a data, technology and education solutions provider for the freight transportation industry, the decision to build a new headquarters came with careful thought and due diligence. The leadership team at SMC³ evaluated the renovation of their existing space – 30,000 square feet spread across three floors in one building – but due to several limitations, they realized it would not meet their needs."

"In the last few years, it's been quite clear that SMC³ has outgrown its current location," said Andrew Slusher, president and CEO of SMC³. "Instead of simply moving into an existing space, we took the opportunity to create a headquarters that has been designed to enhance productivity and collaboration among team members and with our customer base. In this new building, we look forward to delivering even more innovative solutions that solve our customers' supply chain issues."


SMC³, 653 Lexington Circle, Peachtree City, GA 30269;
• Architect: Jefferson Architecture; Peachtree City, Georgia;
• General contractor: Southtree Commercial (South-Tree Enterprises, LLC); Peachtree City, Georgia;
• Zinc flat-lock tiles – installing contractor and fabricator: Abrams Architectural Products; Atlanta;
• Zinc material – distributor: Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. (SMS); Grayslake, Illinois;
• Zinc material – manufacturer: RHEINZINK; Woburn, Massachusetts;
• Photographs and video: ©Jefferson Architecture

RHEINZINK America, Inc. led the introduction of architectural zinc in North America and continues to offer one of the industry's most reliable, trusted brands. Its portfolio of products includes RHEINZINK-CLASSIC® bright rolled, RHEINZINK-prePATINA® blue-gray and graphite-gray, RHEINZINK-artCOLOR® in an array of colors, RHEINZINK-GRANUM® basalte and skygrey; and RHEINZINK-PRISMO® color-pigmented, architectural-grade zinc options.

Architects and contractors are supported by unparalleled customer service and technical assistance. RHEINZINK is readily available through an established network of qualified distributors and systems partners across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ideal for roofing, façade and wall cladding systems, gutter and interior applications. RHEINZINK is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and offers a potential lifespan of 80 years or more. For more information on RHEINZINK, call 781-729-0812 or visit



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