Client News: Plexxis Software reflects innovative culture with high-performance, modern aesthetic using Rockfon ceiling systems

Posted on April 14th, 2020 by Heather West

1Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6524BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpgPlexxis Software creates innovative technology for the wall and ceiling industry, and other specialty trades. All solutions are designed on a powerful single-source Oracle database with purpose-driven features for estimating, project management, accounting, mobile and business intelligence.

Attracting and retaining its high-tech talent, Plexxis recently opened a new head office in Brampton, Ontario. The 25,000-square-foot facility features a contemporary, open design. Amenities for its 75 employees include an outdoor patio with a grill, an indoor exercise area with a basketball court, and an employee lounge with a kitchenette, movie theater and game room.

Reflecting Plexxis' innovative culture and its office's high-performance, modern aesthetic, Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling products were installed throughout Plexxis' new building.

2Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6526BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpgFor its Ontario headquarters, Plexxis contracted Sesco Design Build Inc. "to provide a full turn-key service – design, permits, buildout, etc. All design was done in-house," said Sesco Group's project manager Domenic DeFrancesco, HBA.

"This space was part of the new flagship look of their rebranding process," he explained. "During the design of the space, we worked closely with their chief strategy officer, Robin Schleien, who has terrific insight and knowledge of design content throughout the space and how it indirectly reflects the strategic branding of the company. This made the project very exciting for our team to be part of such a big step forward in our client's future growth."

Schleien described, "Understanding the northern Ontario, dairy farming roots of our founders, it was particularly important to create a space that exuded warmth, while enabling quality work in an inviting, fun environment... quite a challenge to strike just the right tone!"

3Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6528BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpg"From the initial design to completion of construction, we found a complete end-to-end solution with Sesco," praised Chris Loranger, chief executive officer at Plexxis.

Sesco Design Build's project scope included responsibility for all of the ceiling design, layout and specification. DeFrancesco noted, "All of the ceiling systems were specified by Sesco with the assistance of Ryan (Hillier-Spurr at Arrlin Acoustic Supply Inc.) and Rockfon."

Sesco and Arrlin have worked together for more than 20 years on large office buildings to small office renovations and much more, according to Hillier-Spurr. Many of these projects have included Rockfon's Chicago Metallic suspension systems and, more recently, the acoustic stone wool ceiling products.

4Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6530BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpgDeFrancesco added, "These products are always our standard spec in all our design-build projects."

"To look after the drywall and acoustics scope for the project," DeFrancesco said, Sesco Design Build hired Sesco Interiors Inc. "There was no specific NRC ratings, or sound engineer required, but several areas needed to be addressed to some degree." A member of the Drywall, Acoustic Lathing & Insulation, Local 675 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Sesco Interiors also installed the Rockfon ceiling system throughout Plexxis' new office.

"Plexxis has an extraordinarily vibrant culture – encouraging constant discussion and collaboration," elaborated Jason Fraser co-founder and chief operations officer at Plexxis. "In planning a space designed around large open areas flanked by meeting facilities, social areas and offices; effective sound isolation was a crucial factor in ensuring working comfort and a productive environment."

5Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6525BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpgDeFrancesco continued "In the general office area, NRC was very important so we used the tegular edge Rockfon Artic® ceiling tiles. In the large game room/lunchroom, we had to ensure some type of sound absorptive product was used; we specified and used Rockfon® Island™ panels."

"The change from the more traditional, acoustical ceiling in the office areas to the openness of the exposed plenum and suspended islands in the break/recreation rooms provides a visual queue that separates work effort from relaxation, while maintaining the necessary acoustic control throughout," stated Rockfon's acoustics specialist, Gary Madaras, Ph.D.

Rockfon Artic acoustical ceiling tiles were installed in the hallways, kitchenette and throughout the majority of the offices at Plexxis. These 2-by-2-foot panels were suspended within Chicago Metallic® 4600 Ultraline™, a 9/16-inch exposed grid ceiling system with stab-end cross tees that are seismically rated.

6Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6527BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpgRockfon Artic tiles not only provide a professional impression and good sound absorption, they also support high light reflection. The bright white, smooth surface of the ceiling panels reflects up to 85% of the light that hits them. Within the main office area at Plexxis, enclosed offices are positioned against exterior full-height walls and feature windows. The interior walls and doors are floor-to-ceiling glass to further maximize both the electric light fixtures and the available daylight.

Like Rockfon Artic, Rockfon Island ceiling products also provide a very high light reflectance, an aesthetically pleasing, modern appearance, and excellent sound absorption. Acoustic performance was key in supporting functionality and comfort in the employee lounge.

More than just a lunchroom, the lounge serves as a community room with a movie screen, pool tables and arcade games for Plexxis' employees. As conversations and friendly competition increase in volume, each voice grows louder to be heard and causes the overall noise level to escalate. Rockfon Island ceiling products absorb sound to improve the acoustic experience without diminishing the energetic camaraderie.

7Rockfon_ON-Plexxis_6529BochslerPhotoImaging-web.jpg"A very large, open concept design, Rockfon Island provided a modern, acoustic solution and unique ceiling design for the employee lounge. It blends with the space. It is not a distraction, but rather a piece of art in itself," observed Rockfon's architectural sales manager for Ontario, Isabelle Champagne, CTR.

Balancing the multiple performance and aesthetic considerations, DeFrancesco proudly stated, "This project ran very smoothly, and any change in design, engineering, etc., our team and the owners of Plexxis were very flexible and accommodating to make the change and keep moving forward with the project." He added that the project was completed on time and delivered within budget even with additional upgrades added by the owners.

"We've actually been quite surprised as to how much impact the ceiling system had in achieving our end goal," concluded Schleien. "We're thrilled with the outcome to say the least!"

Plexxis' headquarters now is home to nearly 100 dedicated team members, and an elite client advisory group of top performing wall and ceiling contractors.


Plexxis Software Inc., 14 Abacus Rd., Brampton, ON, L6T 5B7 Canada;
Owner: Plexxis Software Inc.; Brampton, Ontario
* Design-build contractor: Sesco Design Build Inc.; Bolton, Ontario;
* Ceiling system – installing contractor: Sesco Interiors Inc.; Bolton, Ontario;
* Lighting consultants: Salex Inc.; Scarborough, Ontario;
* Ceiling system – distributor: A Line Acoustic Supply Inc. (formerly Arrlin); Concord, Ontario;
* Ceiling system – manufacturer: Rockfon; Chicago;
* Photographer: Bochsler Photo Imaging

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