Client News: EXTECH introduces new skylight: SKYGARD 2500 Series

Posted on September 25th, 2019 by Heather West

EXTECH_2500SKYGARDskylight_8web.jpgEXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. (EXTECH) expands its skylight product offering with a new SKYGARD® 2500 Series aluminum-framed, monumental glass skylight system. Available in pyramid, single slope and ridge configurations, EXTECH's new skylight complements commercial, institutional and industrial building designs.

"Our skylight not only supports projects' daylighting design strategies for occupant comfort and wellness, but also cost-effective fabrication, installation and maintenance. Most notably, the SKYGARD 2500 is engineered with separate gutters to control condensation and leakage," said Jim Leslie, general manager of EXTECH.

All of EXTECH's systems are manufactured at its facility in Pittsburgh. The SKYGARD 2500 skylight system accepts glass up to 1-5/16 inches thick, including monolithic or insulated glass units. Optional glass coatings and custom silk-screen patterns help to diffuse the direct top-lighting and to control unwanted solar heat gain.

EXTECH_2500SKYGARDskylight_10web.jpgEXTECH's 2500 SKYGARD skylight is offered as a silicon butt-glazed system to accommodate both intermediate joints between glazing panels, and joints at the sills. Conventional aluminum cover caps also are available.

The new SKYGARD 25000 skylight system has passed industry-standard testing for air infiltration per ASTM E-283 to 12 psf and water infiltration per ASTM D-331 to 15 psf. Structural performance testing demonstrated the system can meet or exceed ASTM E-330 deflection of less than L/250 at 60 psf.

EXTECH_2500SKYGARDskylight_2web.jpgContributing to project performance and sustainable design goals, the system uses recycled aluminum as standard in 3-, 5- and 8-inch framing depths to accommodate projects of all sizes. The aluminum framing can be thermally improved and finished in a durable anodize, baked enamel or high-performance PVDF fluoropolymer coatings. After its useful life as part of the skylight, the metal is 100 percent recyclable.

To order a sample and learn about EXTECH's SKYGARD 2500, please visit


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