Client News: Kolbe's VistaLuxe Collection promotes design flexibility

Posted on February 20th, 2019

Kolbe-2019-IBS-VistaLuxe-AH907web.jpgUnique configurations of Kolbe Windows & Doors' VistaLuxe® Collection and VistaLuxe Complementary products are on display at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders' Show (NAHB IBS). Booth #C2519 showcases the versatility of the product line with a variety of custom solutions.

Kolbe's award-winning VistaLuxe Collection is known for its contemporary styling, large expanses of glass, narrow frames and clean lines. Designed specifically for large mull combinations, VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors create massive views with minimal interruptions. With extruded aluminum exteriors for low-maintenance durability, the wood interiors add a warm, organic feel to modern design.

"Kolbe's VistaLuxe Collection continually innovates to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of homeowners, architects and builders," says Cindy Bremer, Kolbe Windows & Doors' vice president of marketing. "Our endless options and custom solutions offer design flexibility, with a wide selection of interior wood species and stains, modern hardware, and a choice of exterior styles and finishes."

Kolbe-2019-IBS-VistaLuxe-AD802web.jpgShe adds, "The VistaLuxe Collection has the versatility to meet the needs of various markets and applications. Its unique ability to serve as an alternative to – or in conjunction with – steel products presents a high-performance solution for the desired aesthetic. The narrow frames, with a choice of finishes, offer a similar appearance to steel, with enhanced energy efficiency at a comparatively lower cost and lead-time."

"We are very excited about the flexibility of VistaLuxe, and all of the custom solutions that it brings to innovative design projects," says Bremer. "Our new hardware options complement the product line, and have expanded the opportunities for expressing individual style and aesthetic."

Kolbe is featuring its new hardware options in booth #C2519, highlighting the metal, square-silhouetted Ashlar handle that comes standard on casements and awnings. A new two-tone matte black/brushed gold finish option has been added for Dallas inswing and outswing door handle sets.

Several examples of Kolbe's custom solutions are represented in the VistaLuxe Collection display, highlighting the unique viewing experience through stacked corner direct sets, geometric and radius windows, and expansive sliding patio doors.Kolbe-2019-IBS-VistaLuxe-AG405web.jpg

* Casement and awning hardware options are highlighted in one unit, with a steel gray exterior and a graystone prefinished pine interior. A casement features a matte black folding handle, while an upper awning is equipped with a Marvel™ electronic operator – ideal for hard-to-reach areas. The push-and-slide Evo operator can be seen in a satin nickel finish, with Kolbe's new, metal Ashlar crank-out handle in a sophisticated rustic umber finish.

* An inswing door flanked by direct sets forms an extraordinary entrance, with direct set transoms mulled above, and Accent style trapezoid direct sets stacked above the unit, matching the angle of the roofline. As design trends move away from all-black finishes, the custom dark gray stained interior marks this tonal shift, while accentuating the character of the wood. Kolbe's new two-toned matte black/brushed gold Dallas handle set adds the finishing touch to the exterior of the door, and is complemented by a midnight exterior casing, adjustable matte black hinges and a bronze anodized sill.

* For a view that should be featured, Kolbe presents a 6-by-8-foot picture direct set that is framed by square direct sets and casements, with a horizontal direct set with 7/8-inch performance divided lites mulled above. A Flush style shale exterior complements the warm, clear-coated vertical grain fir interior. The large casements are completed with rustic umber Ashlar handle sets.

* A stunning 90-degree direct set stacked corner unit with performance divided lites reaches 15 feet in height. With a Flush style black anodized exterior, the ebony-stained alder wood interior offers the look of steel windows, while opening up the corners to admit generous light and views.

Kolbe-2019-IBS-VistaLuxe-AH435web.jpg* Another example of VistaLuxe's versatility is a 72-by-36-inch half circle direct set mulled above a 72-by-74-inch direct set with 5/8-inch performance divided lites. Without closer inspection, viewers might think they were looking at a steel window, with the narrow coal black prefinished pine interior and Flush style custom textured terra cotta black exterior frames.

* A VistaLuxe Complementary sliding patio door unit has four 5-by-8-foot panels that create a 20-foot opening. The exterior is finished in mica silverstorm and the clear-coated walnut interior is complemented by Kolbe's matte black Madison handle set. The expansive unit is topped by two Accent style trapezoid direct sets for additional daylight. Summit Automation allows wave-to-open activation.

"Our comprehensive line of VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors continues to provide the largest daylight openings for generous views," explains Bremer. "The exceptional style, performance and versatility of our VistaLuxe Collection offers the most sophisticated solutions for one-of-a-kind views."

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What began in 1946 as a two-brother team has grown into an internationally respected manufacturing company. Kolbe Windows & Doors is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of windows and doors for residential and commercial markets. After more than 70 years, Kolbe products are best known for superior quality, custom craftsmanship, attention to detail, as well as innovative and unique designs.


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