Client News: Technoform revitalizes website as a single location offering its complete range of solutions for all markets

Posted on June 30th, 2019 by Heather West has been updated to reflect the global company's uniform brand identity and its full-range of standard and tailored plastic solutions for all industries.

In North America, Technoform is recognized for its high-performance insulating profiles for façades, cladding and fenestration systems. These thermal optimization solutions from Technoform include polyamide pressure plates, thermal break profiles and durable, warm edge spacers for insulating glass.

"A global presence doesn't mean one-size-fits-all thinking. We draw from our local knowledge and collaborate with customers to develop durable, thermoplastic innovations for their windows, curtainwall and façade systems," noted Technoform's Bill Blazek. "Together, we help support building designs that balance energy efficiency with occupant health and comfort, without compromising appearance."

Technoform's Helen Sanders, Ph.D., reiterated, "We have the resources and expertise to calculate the thermal and mechanical behavior of our profiles in customer's systems to deliver the desired performance and aesthetics."

Visitors to the refreshed site can explore solutions by application, industry and material, as well as learn about the overall company and available career opportunities. The "About Us" section contains more on Technoform's precision extrusion expertise along with downloadable copies of its current brochures, material data sheets, specification language, lifecycle assessment study, handling instructions and supporting documentation. Technoform World presents a collection of project success stories and timely news items for the North American market.

For additional information about Technoform and its solutions for the North America market, please email, call 330-487-6600 or visit

Technoform provides high-performance insulative solutions for façades, cladding and fenestration systems. Its best-in-class building envelope products are developed through collaboration with its customer partnerships to boost thermal performance of windows, curtainwall and opaque façades. The relative low cost and high performance of Technoform's components help building designs to balance energy efficiency with occupant health and comfort without compromising aesthetics.


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