Client News: EXTECH's LIGHTWALL 3440 translucent wall system helps save time, energy and costs

Posted on March 9th, 2018 by Heather West

WY_PIC-RHS_Exterior_Astula Inc9587web.jpgThe LIGHTWALL 3440® interlocking polycarbonate translucent wall system from Exterior Technologies, Inc. (EXTECH) contributes to the aesthetic, performance and sustainability goals of numerous building types. Lightweight, easy to install and backed with a 10-year warranty, the LIGHTWALL system helps save time for construction teams facing condensed schedules, and helps save energy and maintenance costs for building owners seeking comfort and longevity.

“As our most popular product, the LIGHTWALL 3440 offers a beautiful, durable and economical solution for building envelopes," says EXTECH Director of Product Application and Development Kevin Smith, R.A.

IL_EleanorBoathouse_WmZbarenPhotography_int1web.jpgLIGHTWALL 3440 meets demanding performance specifications, including high wind loads, impact resistance, fire rating, air infiltration, water penetration, thermal (0.25 U-Factor) and structural performance – the LIGHTWALL 3440 possesses some of the highest performance numbers in the industry due to its advanced framing. These attributes support energy efficiency and sustainability goals, such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating systems.

The diffusing characteristics of the LIGHTWALL 3440 system’s cellular polycarbonate glazing provides energy-efficient daylighting, lowers dependence on electric lighting and reduces solar heat gain to keep people comfortable within the building envelope. Viewed from the exterior, these diffusing characteristics also reduce light pollution emanating from the building.

EXTECH_CA_LeoBaeckTemple_BarrySchwartz8web.jpgFurther supporting projects’ environmental goals, LIGHTWALL 3440 uses highly insulating, 100 percent recyclable, 40 mm structural cellular polycarbonate glazing and 38.95 percent recycled aluminum framing. “Because it is a dry-glazed system, VOC emissions also are reduced," notes Smith.

“Our LIGHTWALL 3440 does not require framing members within the field of the glazing, which allows for a clean, modern architectural aesthetic,” he continues. “The wall system can extend up to 54 feet long and eliminate leak-prone horizontal joints.”

EXTECH_IL-DuPageAirport_balloggphoto3344web.jpgEXTECH engineers and manufactures its daylighting products at its facility in Pittsburgh to ensure performance as specified. “As part of our shop drawing and fabrication process, we ensure a weather-tight building envelope by pre-fabricating all the corner miters and sloped head/sill/jamb conditions to exact angles before shipping to the job site. This is a quality control measure to guarantee each piece fits precisely without the need for field measuring and cutting,” explains Smith. “This substantially accelerates the installation process for construction teams and provides greater peace-of-mind for building owners.”

To order a sample and learn about EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL 3440, please visit the product webpage. For more information on EXTECH’s products and services, please call 800-500-8083, email or visit
Exterior Technologies, Inc. (EXTECH) is an award-winning manufacturer and designer of wall, window, skylight, canopy and custom façade systems. The company delivers solutions for a variety of industries and applications, and are committed to collaboration, innovation and exceptional engineering.


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