Client News: Technoform Glass Insulation highlights TGI-Spacer M at AIA

Posted on April 15th, 2017 by Heather West

TGI-SpacerM_rendering_web.jpgDuring the American Institute of Architects (AIA) national expo, Technoform Glass Insulation will be exhibiting its newest TGI-Spacer M in booth #3975. Ideal for large, energy-efficient insulating glass units (IGUs), this high-performance, warm edge spacer features enhanced aesthetics and improved thermal performance.

“Designed to meet both the increasing sizes of IGUs and the demanding thermal performance needs of the market, TGI-Spacer M is perfectly suited for commercial, industrial and residential building applications,” said Brian Stephens, TGI market team member. “By reducing the heat transfer at the edge of glass, our Spacer M helps minimize the risk of condensation on the interior glass surface, and improve comfort to building occupants.”

TGI-SpacerM_diagram_web.jpgTGI’s portfolio of hybrid spacer systems incorporate a high-performance polymer and low-conductivity stainless steel to provide minimal heat transfer, and maximum protection against gas leakage and moisture penetration. Third-party simulations following the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) standards show that using TGI-Spacer M in aluminum framed, fixed window systems with a polyamide thermal break can achieve a 7.5 percent overall system u-value improvement over standard aluminum spacers and equal to non-metal silicone foam spacers for a dual-glazed system. TGI-Spacer M also can increase the condensation resistance rating by 17 percent and improve the sightline temperature up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

“TGI-Spacer M provides the ultimate combination of thermal performance, durability and aesthetics to help designers and fabricators achieve the look and energy performance needs of their projects,” emphasized Stephens. “Thermally efficient building envelopes of today and tomorrow are critical to energy management, and our drop-in solution meets or exceeds the toughest industry expectations in all climates.”

Beyond energy-efficiency, TGI-Spacer systems also can contribute to building teams’ wellness and sustainable project goals, such as the daylighting and material health ingredient criteria detailed in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED v4. Demonstrating its commitment to these practices, TGI-Spacer M was awarded a Platinum Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Stephens continued, “Spacer M not only delivers the desired benefits for occupants and owners, but also gives designers the freedom to achieve their aesthetic vision. It visibly improves sightlines, and its wide range of size configurations and colors blend with nearly any window frame.” These spacers are available in six standard colors: black, light gray, dark gray, white, champagne and bronze. Custom colors and sizes also are offered through TGI’s customized solutions program.

Supporting productivity and reliability, the optimized profile geometry and increased rigidity of TGI-Spacer M improves compressive strength that resists deformation, providing glazing manufacturers with industry-leading durability and easier handling during fabrication.

To learn more about TGI-Spacer M, please email, call 330-487-6600 or visit
A member of Technoform Group, Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) is the world leader in thermal optimized, hybrid plastic spacers for insulating glass products, including TGI®-Spacer and TGI®-Muntin products. The company innovates, develops and manufactures durable, thermal-improved edge bond solutions and special components for its customers and markets. Its manufacturing facilities are in Kassel, Germany; Milan, Italy; and Twinsburg, Ohio.


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