Client News: SailPoint Technology's open office spaces optimize acoustics with Rockfon's ceiling systems

Posted on October 2nd, 2020 by Heather West

Rockfon_TX-SailpointTech_75PeterMolick_web.jpgCybersecurity and identity management software company, SailPoint Technologies recently moved into its new Northwest Austin offices. The location spans four floors and 65,000 square feet within the 165,000-square-foot building at Four Points Centre, which was developed by Brandywine Realty Trust.

In need of more space to accommodate its rapid growth, SailPoint's new workspace nearly doubled the company's previous Austin office space, which had been spread out across two buildings. According to the Austin Business Journal, the Austin-based staff expanded from 124 people in 2017 to nearly 500 in 2019, representing half of its global employees.

To support its growing team and to promote its culture of collaboration and innovation, SailPoint worked with the Austin-based team of Perkins + Will (formerly the lauckgroup) on an open concept design that allowed for flexible workstyles and facilitated a range of activities. SailPoint's office interiors feature nautical themes inspired by the company's brand identity and sailboat logo. Design details incorporate ship and circular shapes, marine ropes and paddles, lots of natural light, and a palette of navy, gray and yellow accents set against a clean white canvas.

Rockfon_TX-SailpointTech_74PeterMolick_web.jpgAdding to the elegant, bright, white appearance, Rockfon's acoustic stone wool ceiling panels enhance the light reflectance and acoustic experience. Presenting an inviting and comfortable area to greet guests and gather as a team, SailPoint's reception area and conference room feature Rockfon Alaska® smooth, white ceiling tile.

Specified by Perkins + Will, Rockfon Alaska® panels provide high light reflectance, up to 0.86 LR, and high sound absorption, up to 0.90 NRC. The square edge, 2-by-2-foot, lay-in tiles are installed within Chicago Metallic® 1200 15/16-inch exposed suspension grid.

Using sound-absorbing materials to optimize acoustics in an open office can benefit associates by accommodating both potentially loud group discussions in common areas and conference rooms and protecting private conversations or quiet concentration in individual workspaces.


SailPoint Technologies, Four Points Centre, 11120 4 Points Dr, Austin, TX 78726
* Developer: Brandywine Realty Trust; Austin, Texas;
* Architect: Perkins + Will (formerly the lauckgroup); Austin, Texas; (
* General contractor: White Construction Company; Austin, Texas;
* Installing contractor: Baker Triangle; Mesquite, Texas;
* Ceiling systems – manufacturer: Rockfon; Chicago;
* Photographer: 2019 Peter Molick Photography

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