RHEINZINK welcomes Cascadia Metals as a distribution partner serving the Canadian markets

Posted on July 18th, 2023 by Heather West

RHEINZINK_CascadiaMetals.jpgWoburn, Massachusetts (July 2023) – RHEINZINK America, Inc. announces Cascadia Metals as an official distribution partner serving Canada from 10 locations.

“We are proud to add Cascadia Metals to our network of distribution partners,” said RHEINZINK’s Richard Strickland. “Along with their team’s deep knowledge of metals and processing, Cascadia Metals has a dedicated RHEINZINK specialist on staff. Its capacity, equipment and shipping capabilities are complimented by the customer-focused service and community-focused values.”

Jim Ritchie, Cascadia Metals’ CEO, said, “This collaboration represents our commitment to innovation as we continue to expand our product offerings. By joining forces with RHEINZINK, we aim to provide architects, builders and our customers with the highest quality zinc solutions that exemplify aesthetics, durability and sustainability.”

Cascadia Metals now offers RHEINZINK architectural zinc materials in coils and flat sheets for roofing, façade and wall cladding systems, and interior applications. It provides cut-to-length, slitting and in-line slearing solutions. Cascadia Metals’ expanded portfolio now includes RHEINZINK-prePATINA® ECO ZINC blue-grey and graphite-grey, and RHEINZINK-GRANUM® basalte and skygrey architectural-grade zinc options.

RHEINZINK_ArchitecturalZincProducts.jpgProjects benefit from RHEINZINK’s sustainably processed, infinitely recyclable, natural metal material and a lifespan of up to 100 years or more. The zinc surface responds to its environment with a dynamic patina that evolves through the decades. At the end of its use on a building, the zinc material is 100% recyclable, maximizing cradle-to-cradle benefits.

Further supporting environmentally responsibility and carbon reduction, RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC products are produced using 50% less carbon dioxide (CO2) and are the first architectural zinc material in the world to reduce its already small carbon footprint by more than half.

Please visit https://www.rheinzink.us to learn more about its products, partners and projects.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. led the introduction of architectural zinc in North America and continues to offer one of the industry’s most reliable, trusted brands. Its portfolio of products includes RHEINZINK-CLASSIC® bright rolled, RHEINZINK-prePATINA® ECO ZINC blue-gray and graphite-gray, RHEINZINK-artCOLOR® in an array of colors, RHEINZINK-GRANUM® basalte and skygrey; and RHEINZINK-PRISMO® color-pigmented, architectural-grade zinc options.

Architects and contractors are supported by unparalleled customer service and technical assistance. RHEINZINK is readily available through an established network of qualified distributors and systems partners across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ideal for roofing, façade and wall cladding systems, gutter and interior applications. RHEINZINK is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and offers a potential lifespan of 100 years or more.


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