Honest. Detailed. Dedicated.

Before we can establish what services Heather West Public Relations can provide for you, we need to learn more about you, your company and your goals. We usually begin this process through an email dialog, website and marketing materials review, phone interview and/or in-person meeting. It is important that we understand your goals before we make any recommendations.


We believe in confidential, open, honest communications and know our clients expect the same. We will let you know if your needs fall outside of our capabilities. Sometimes, a client can benefit from our services, but they require additional specialties that we do not provide. We have an extensive network of associates that can work with us to fulfill your communications goals. We also will partner with your internal staff or outside experts to leverage your existing investment and success.


In talking with you and understanding your needs, we will help identify your goals, your challenges and your opportunities. Examples may include:

  • An increase in competition
  • A shift in buying behavior
  • A change in industry issues or regulations
  • An entry into new markets
  • A major investment in research and development
  • A new product or service launch
  • A customer success story or project profile
  • An upcoming event, exhibition or celebration
  • An acquisition, merger or change of ownership
  • An expansion in offices or operations
  • A significant personnel change
  • An alteration to sales, dealer or distributor channels


After determining how we may help you, we will send you a proposal detailing our service and budget recommendations. After reviewing the proposal, if the details and budget match your expectations, we will draft a simple contract ensuring that the work will be handled responsibly, on budget and on time.